static1.squarespaceIf you’re an intellectual property nerd like me (because who isn’t?), you may have noticed that so-called “patent trolls” are getting their bullshit “business method” patents thrown out left and right.  Here’s a recent example (Law360 – Paywall):

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board on Tuesday issued its third-ever post-grant review decision, ruling that a patent for tracking container storage and shipping is invalid under the U.S. Supreme Court’s Alice decision because it describes a long-standing industry practice.

In its third post-grant review ruling, PTAB ruled in favor of Netsirv, a company that had challenged Boxbee Inc.’s U.S. Patent No. 8,756,166 for a “bailment scheme using storage containers,” or a method of keeping track of where certain containers or items are stored, on the grounds that it describes an abstract idea and is therefore invalid under the Alice decision.

“Reviewing the full record from this trial, we find that bailment schemes were a long-prevalent economic practice, and constitute an abstract idea,” PTAB wrote in its ruling.

It’s a fine day for sanity right now.  Well, in certain areas.

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