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I posted the Brett Favre book cover (Favre: The Complete Package) a few months ago, but I found this during a visit to a local bookstore, which might be even worse:

Unintentional Hilarity

Why do I keep finding all these sports books with such obvious, ironic double-endendres right on the cover? It’s not like I’m even looking for them, they somehow find me. Come to think of it, with the sheer amount of sex-related terms that are in common use in the sporting world, you have a much better chance of coming across something talking about Tiger’s spectacular season of 604 holes than, say, an old John Edwards book making reference to a love child in the title. Still, there are, like, a dozen funny things about this cover, and it’s the best example I’ve seen yet of this alarming new trend. I almost bought it for my dad for father’s day, but I don’t think he’d appreciate it enough.

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