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The Sino-American relationship seen through snarky Taiwanese eyes:

(via BJ)

Jeez, why are left-communist-conservatives* always screwing up our public school system with left-communist-conservative initiatives to pump more energy and money into our absolutely horrid public school system?

Yesterday, the [left-communist-conservative] George W. Bush Institute, based at [obviously left-communist-conservative] Southern Methodist University (SMU), “the innovation arm of The George W. Bush Center,” announced that its “first major initiative” would be a program to train principals and prepare them for service in public schools across the country. The Institute says its goal is to “train half of the nation’s public school principals in the next decade”:
The first major initiative of the new George W. Bush Institute will be to create a training program that will provide more qualified principals to the nation’s public schools, officials announced Wednesday.

The institute, which will be based at Southern Methodist University, is launching the Alliance to Reform Education Leadership with a pilot program that includes school districts in Fort Worth, Dallas, Plano, Denver, St. Louis and Indianapolis. The goal of the program is to train half of the nation’s public school principals in the next decade.

* In case you missed it, this post will explain the weird construct.

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