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Sometimes the parodies just write themselves:*

* In case you missed the shameful source material, go here to read up on it.
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Oh wow, today is a very good day for the part of my spirit that enjoys GOP nonsense-peddlers getting smacked down.

Here’s a quote from a caller to a CNBC program that had on Rich Lowry, an unabashed neocon who cheerleaded the Iraq War and continues to try to drum up support for invading Iran:

CALLER: I would like to know why, if you had a car, ma’am, and it broke down and you took it to your dealer and it kept breaking down, and breaking down. Wouldn’t you change dealers? Why do you keep bringing these neocons on? […] This failed! …And you keep on bringing on failed policy. […] I would like you to tell me why we are still using this car dealer who has failed America.

Just friggin awesome…


You just have to watch this to appreciate it:

O’Donnell’s premise is pretty unassailable. He points out that, unlike the howls of protest now greeting President Obama due to his pro-choice stance, President Bush — who ordered the deaths of people via the death penalty, ventured into a war of choice in Iraq against the pleas of the Pope, and signed off on the torture of countless detainees — was welcomed to speak at Notre Dame without a peep of protest from the Catholic hierarchy. For the first time I can remember, Pat Buchanan is caught with his pants down. Liberals really seem to be feeling their oats right about now…

Update: Here’s a little bit of grist for the mill on the topic of the Catholic Church’s varying positions on abortion over time:

Many religions, including many denominations within Christianity, have adopted the general principle that abortion is a form of murder if it is performed at or after the time that a soul enters the body of an embryo or fetus. Down through the ages, beliefs varied about when this “animation” happened.

Various church authorities and popes placed the time at:

  • At a specific time into pregnancy (40 days, 80 days, 116 days), or
  • Quickening (when the woman first feels the fetus move), or
  • At conception.

If this take on a recent Rasmussen poll is correct, all I can do is break out into hysterical fits of laughter:

A somewhat surprising poll was just released showing that only 53% of Americans “believe capitalism is better than socialism.” Amongst the under-thirty set, the two enjoy almost equal support, 37% prefer capitalism, 33% socialism, and 30% are undecided…

I see this poll as even more evidence of how widespread the American people’s rejection of conservative values has become. Ever since Sarah Palin ceased to be an attractive-but-unknown face from Alaska, conservatives have railed against any attempt to use government spending to mitigate the present economic downturn, labeling it “Socialism!” The alternative, they say, is to double-down on George W. Bush’s policies, cut taxes on the super-rich, and rely on the invisible hand of the market to make everything all better again.

In other words, the American people have been subjected to a months-long campaign which defines President Obama’s popular policies to improve the economy as “socialism,” and George W. Bush’s disastrous policies as “not socialism.” Is it any shock, then, that many Americans no longer find the word “socialism” very scary?

Here’s Digby’s take:

When the McCain Palin people started blathering on about Obama being a socialist I wondered whether it would blow back on the conservatives. After all, only old people like me, who grew up during the cold war, still have that reflexive freakout over the word. Young people just see it as another political ideology.

So, when the rightwingers went nuts and started calling this very popular young president a socialist, rather than tarring him with an unpopular label, they ended up validating socialism by applying it to a popular, mainstream politician.

So the ever-so-crafty Republican plan to basically slander Obama as a dirty pinko commie is backfiring to such an extent that Americans are becoming more accepting of socialism!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!*

Is there anything these numbnuts in the GOP can’t fuck up?

* As a disclaimer, I do not in any way endorse socialism/communism/fascism/NancyGraceism/etc. Ongoing ownership by the government of the means of production is a bad thing (and is not something we’re headed toward – notwithstanding Beck, Malkin and NRO’s protestations to the contrary).


One of the first things I thought when I saw that Vermont became the first state in the U.S. to legalize same-sex marriage by an act of the state legislature is that we are now in store for a no-holds-barred, end-of-the-4th-quarter, all-hands-on-deck wave of insane right-wing mass hysteria.

I was right:

In recent days, there has been no shortage of fear-mongering about same-sex marriage. Right-wing groups have said that marriage equality removes the “cornerstone of society” and may “destroy…democracy.”

Morality in Media President Bob Peters goes even further today, linking same-sex marriage to the recent tragic uptick in mass murders:

This secular value system is also reflected in the ’sexual revolution,’ which is the driving force behind the push for ‘gay marriage;’ and the Iowa Supreme Court decision is another indication that despite all the damage this revolution has caused to children, adults, family life and society (think abortion, divorce, pornography, rape, sexual abuse of children, sexually transmitted diseases, trafficking in women and children, unwed teen mothers and more), it continues to advance relentlessly.

It most certainly is not my intention to blame the epidemic of mass murders on the gay rights movement! It is my intention to point out that the success of the sexual revolution is inversely proportional to the decline in morality; and it is the decline of morality (and the faith that so often under girds it) that is the underlying cause of our modern day epidemic of mass murders.

Yep, because those damn Gays keep pushing for equality under the law, society keeps descending into ever-increasing states of apocalyptic madness and lawlessness.

It really is quite amazing how much power The Gays have to bring society to its knees.* We’ve now been found out as being responsible for a wave of mass murders. Jerry Falwell revealed that we were the ones behind 9/11. Most recently, Pat Robertson gave up our secret when he disclosed that The Gays (especially Ellen Degeneres) were responsible for bringing forth God’s Wrath upon News Orleans in the form of Hurricane Katrina.

Can one of my Gay comrades-in-arms out there with a background in science please do some tests and distill out the omnipotent essence that resides within us that allows us to perform such tremendous feats?

I’d really like to use it to, say, learn a dozen languages, win the lottery and convert Colin Farrell to our side of the fence. We can’t waste such unbridled power on silly things like mass murders, terrorist attacks and annoying wind storms. Poppa needs a new pair of Prada sneakers!

At least I don’t feel as circumspect as I did the other day about writing my article entitled The Chilling Rise of Right-Wing Hate in America. After all, if The Gays have a heavy hand in sparking the mass murders currently sweeping our country, then at least it’s also quite likely that Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck are behind it too!

* – So sue me, the pun was intended.


Here’s rightwing nutjob Michael Savage talking about rightwing nutjob Glenn Beck:

“What’s with the overemphasis of everything and the crying? What’s that all about? I’m afraid he’s going to have a nervous breakdown on the air…This guy’s on the edge everyday. Personally I think the guy is going to have a crack up on the air — which is going to be very good for ratings.”

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There has to be a stronger word than schadenfreude to represent how much I enjoyed listening to this self-identified Republican McCain supporter absolutely demolish Rush Limbaugh on his own show:

Here are some highlights (go here for the full transcript):

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Rush, listen, I voted Republican, and I didn’t — really didn’t want to see Obama get in office. But, you know, Rush, you’re one reason to blame for this election, for the Republicans losing.

First of all, you kept harping about voting for Hillary. The second big issue is the — was the torture issue. I’m a veteran. We’re not supposed to be torturing these people. This is not Nazi Germany, Red China, or North Korea. There’s other ways of interrogating people, and you kept harping about it — “It’s OK,” or “It’s not really torture.” And it was just more than waterboarding. Some of these prisoners were killed under torture.

And it just — it was crazy for you to keep going on and on like Levin and Hannity and Hewitt. It’s like you’re all brainwashed.

And my last comment is, no matter what Obama does, you will still criticize him because I believe you’re brainwashed. You’re just — and I hate to say it — but I think you’re a brainwashed Nazi. Anyone who could believe in torture just has got to be – there’s got to be something wrong with them.

And, for the coup de grâce, we get a brief glimpse into what Limbaugh really feels about any Republican who disagrees with him:

RUSH: Barack Obama is president of the United States today because of stupid, ignorant people who think like you do…

You and your ignorance are the most expensive commodity this country has… You don’t know diddly-squat…

You know, you’re just plain embarrassing and ludicrous. But it doesn’t surprise me that you’re the kind of Republican that our last candidate attracted. Because you’re no Republican at all based on what the hell you’ve said here.

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I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who visited today. Due in large part to the widespread publicity of my article The Chilling Rise of Right-Wing Hate in America, we received over 4,000 unique visitors today. I write this blog as something of a labor of love and an intangible valve on the pressure cooker of my daily life and am heartened to see that some people find the commentary here interesting in some way. Thanks for reading and welcome to all the new folks who have joined up today.

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