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(ht Ezra Klein)

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Interestingly enough, Gherald pointing me in the direction of that phenomenal song by Janelle Monáe led me, via iTunes, to this very intriguing group. 

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E.D. Kane points out a great song:

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Sully points us to a remarkable shift in Americans’ support for marriage equality:

CNN’s latest poll, in the wake of the Walker decision, is easily the most promising to date for those of us in support of marriage rights for all. For the first time, a slim majority of all Americans backs not just marriage, but a constitutional right to marriage for gay couples. A majority, in other words, believes this to be a civil rights issue, which, of course, it is, because civil marriage has long been regarded as a fundamental civil right in American constitutional history. And a majority is in favor! 

Good news, right?  Well, maybe not entirely:
Of course, the same poll showed an even division on birthright citizenship and hefty opposition to the Cordoba Project. Maybe the new “other” is increasingly not the gays, but Muslims and the children of illegal immigrants. Sigh.
Never underestimate the capacity of the American people to be led astray by fear and demagoguery.

I’m going to pretend our host put up trashy Ke$ha music in an attempt to prod me into contributing more to push it off the page.

So how to best counter trashy pop? How about much better pop:

Need more? Here’s Many Moons.  Guaranteed to alleviate sore ears!

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I was corresponding with E.D. Kain today and he came up with this perfectly quotable gem, which I hope he doesn’t mind me posting:

The problem is that politics will forever be the enemy of governance.

So true.  And it got me to thinking, along the lines of the following:
And that enemy grows ever more powerful when one half of the political power structure decides to throw up its hands and refuse to govern.  One has to wonder if anyone in the Republican leadership consciously realizes that their cynical “oppose everything” strategy actually hurts millions of people who are struggling to get by; and, if so, how they can sleep at night with such knowledge

In war, strategically allowing a village and its civilians to be razed by the enemy in order to win the overall war may sometimes be a justifiable outcome.  But when a war is waged in order to simply gain political power, the justification for allowing millions to suffer rightly evaporates.  Sigh.

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So I was watching Saturday Night Live a while back (mostly to see Ryan Phillippe hosting in all his gloriousness) and saw a couple songs by this girl Ke$ha.  I admit the music is a bit trashy but she had a great stage performance and the songs were kinda catchy.  I especially dig her faux Cali high-school-girl affect on some of the lyrics.  With that, here’s a video – hope you enjoy:

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