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Today’s 538 NowCast:


As our esteemed (and sorely missed) contributor Rupert Psmith wrote elsewhere:

How bad a week does Trump need to have to push the 538 “Now-cast” to Clinton victory 100%? We may find out soon.

Update:  This McClatchy poll is pretty severe.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has surged to a 15-point lead over reeling, gaffe-plagued Republican Donald Trump, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll…   Clinton made strong gains with two constituencies crucial to a Republican victory – whites and men – while scoring important gains among fellow Democrats, the poll found.  Clinton not only went up, but Trump also went down. Clinton now has a 48-33 percent lead, a huge turnaround from her narrow 42-39 advantage last month…

Men had been the bedrock of Trump support. Last month, he was up by 14 percentage points among men; he’s now down 8.  Clinton remains strong with women, among whom she holds a 20-point advantage…  Trump collapsed almost everywhere that he’d built decent support. Even among white voters, a demographic that has favored Republican White House candidates in recent elections.


I’m gonna miss Obama.  A lot. Here he is today opining on Trump’s recent “vote rigging” bullshit.


Sociopaths.  Every one of them.

The Republican challenging House Speaker Paul Ryan said this week that the US should debate deporting all Muslims from the country.

“I’m suggesting we have a discussion about it. That’s for sure,” Paul Nehlen said on 560 AM’s “Morning Answer” in Chicago, when asked whether he would support deporting every Muslim from the country. “I am absolutely suggesting we figure out how do we, we — here’s what we should be doing. We should be monitoring every mosque. We should be monitoring all social media.”


“It’s amazing to me that anybody’s still having a discussion about having some sort of an intervention or bringing him back on message… His message is being a loudmouthed dick… That’s what he does. He doesn’t have another message.”  GOP communications expert and media advisor Liz Mair

h/t Balloon Juice

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This is brilliant.  Jump over to read all the gems.

Below is an excerpt from “Rock Bottom: A Brief History of the 2016 Presidential Campaign,” published by Yahoo University Press in 2022.

Included here are transcripts of some of Trump’s more incendiary comments during that fall campaign, along with the responses from some Republican leaders at the time.


Trump: “Sure, I got deferments. But — excuse me, Chuck, let me finish. Would you really want a president who was dumb enough to let himself get drafted? I mean, it wasn’t hard to get out of it, believe me. My doctor said I had a bump on my heel or something, I don’t know. I don’t even think he was a doctor, frankly. The government is just very, very stupid, OK? Which is why only I can fix it.” —“Meet the Press,” Aug. 28

House Speaker Paul Ryan: “Let me just be very clear about one thing, which is that we don’t think it’s dumb to wear the uniform of the United States armed forces. But the real issue here is that no one wants to be in a situation where we have to have a draft, period, and we believe that’s much more likely to happen if Hillary Clinton is elected president. Also, we urge all Americans to have their feet checked regularly by an actual doctor.”


static1.squarespaceIf you’re an intellectual property nerd like me (because who isn’t?), you may have noticed that so-called “patent trolls” are getting their bullshit “business method” patents thrown out left and right.  Here’s a recent example (Law360 – Paywall):

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board on Tuesday issued its third-ever post-grant review decision, ruling that a patent for tracking container storage and shipping is invalid under the U.S. Supreme Court’s Alice decision because it describes a long-standing industry practice.

In its third post-grant review ruling, PTAB ruled in favor of Netsirv, a company that had challenged Boxbee Inc.’s U.S. Patent No. 8,756,166 for a “bailment scheme using storage containers,” or a method of keeping track of where certain containers or items are stored, on the grounds that it describes an abstract idea and is therefore invalid under the Alice decision.

“Reviewing the full record from this trial, we find that bailment schemes were a long-prevalent economic practice, and constitute an abstract idea,” PTAB wrote in its ruling.

It’s a fine day for sanity right now.  Well, in certain areas.


As I and others have opined, Trump really doesn’t want to be bothered with the job of governing the country.  One of the most plausible exit strategies is for him to consciously throw the election and cast himself as a wronged martyr in the eyes of his diehard supporters.  In his eyes, Trump can’t fail, he can only be cheated, or treated “unfairly”.

It continues to look like he’s setting the stage:

“I’m afraid the election’s going to be rigged, I have to be honest,” Trump said at a rally in Columbus, Ohio Monday afternoon.  The “rigged system” drumbeat is one Trump hit repeatedly during the primary season, first against the Republican establishment and, more recently, about the Democratic Party, to try to win over Sanders supporters who felt their candidate did not have a fair shake against Hillary Clinton… By turning now to say he believes the general election could also be unfairly favorable to Clinton, Trump is laying the groundwork to fuel his supporters’ fury if he loses on Nov. 8.

What better way to keep the unconditional adulation flowing than to get “cheated” out of an election?  It will inflame his supporters even more and they’ll love him even more for it.