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The first person to complain about this somehow having something to do with the First Amendment gets punched in the neck:
This morning, a number of Mozilla employees took to Twitter with a united, nearly simultaneous message to new Mozilla Foundation CEO Brendan Eich: “Step down.”  

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Kansas_Apologizes_Rally_to_Restore_Sanity Ding dong, Fred Phelps is dead.
Some Twitter users have welcomed the death of the outspoken Pastor with strong words. One user wrote: “Burn in hell Fred Phelps. Not one to normally cheer a death but this one feels nice.”

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Pretty epic.

If only we were so lucky.  Instead, Neil Young thinks folks are yearning to go back to the days of a separate music player. Screen-Shot-2014-03-12-at-10.38.55-AM-640x496
Saying that he wants to “bring back real music,” rocker Neil Young unveiled the PonoPlayer yesterday. The device is aptly described on Pono’s page as a “Toblerone shape,”

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Ha, just kidding.  She only gets pissed off when she becomes subject to covert snooping:
Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA), the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said today that the CIA has illegally monitored and searched computers that belong to her committee.
Nobody could have predicted that this would happen:
A top British government aide who helped create 10 Downing Street’s controversial policy to censor online pornography for the majority of British Internet users has resigned from his post on Monday after being arrested last month on charges of possessing child pornography.

religious freedom cartoonI’ve mostly stopped reading Andrew Sullivan — due to, e.g., the never-ending hair-on-fire hysterics over nothingburgers — but I always like to check in once in a while to pluck amusing bits out of the pile.

One of Sully’s ultra-fave pastimes is to engage in breathlessly disingenuous religious apologism.  Since childhood, he’s been ever-so-desperate to square the circle between his homosexuality and the pleasing vapors he still gets from the One True Church and has spent the past few decades furtively trying to shave the corners off the square peg so he can fit it in the round hole.

Here’s a recent delicious bit of whiny, contrarian sophistry:

There is a deep theological narrative and argument behind Christianity’s and Judaism’s and Islam’s anathematization of homosexuality that cannot be reduced to bigotry. I think it’s mistaken, but I sure don’t think it’s mere prejudice. In the Catholic tradition, Humanae Vitae – with which I strongly disagree – is nonetheless a coherent view of the role of sex and procreation in human life. Its “natural law” has never fully addressed the reality of homosexual orientation – but that is partly because the entire concept is so new in the context of the history of the great monotheisms. I think it should be engaged respectfully on these grounds. But it is emphatically not mere bigotry

I nearly died reading that “the entire concept” of “homosexual orientation” is “so new”.  Um, wut?  Did the Industrial Revolution create The Gays? (Hmm, I wonder…)

The best part is his repeated use of the word “mere“.  So, is Sully saying that, yes, religious anathematization of homosexuality is a bunch of bigoted claptrap, but that it’s a very elevated, non-pedestrian form of bigotry because important religious people put a lot of very serious thought into creating very serious doctrines with Latin names attached to them?  I don’t think that’s what he meant to say, but it would certainly be more cogent than characterizing religious contempt for homosexuality as being comprised of anything other than bigotry and prejudice.

As is often the case with these kinds of Sully posts, the wondrously impenetrable oracle called The Dictionary lays waste to his petulant mewlings:

big·ot – noun \ˈbi-gət\ – a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and  prejudices;  especially  :   one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

pre·ju·dicenoun – \ prej-uh-dis \ – unreasonable feelings,  opinions,  or attitudes,  especially of a hostile nature,  regarding a racial, religious, or  national group.

Yup, from those definitions I really can’t see how “religious anathematization of homosexuality” could be viewed as being comprised of anything as pedestrian as bigotry and prejudice…  “Intolerant”, “unreasonable opinions”, “of a hostile nature” notwithstanding.