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A broken clock
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There’s a new award for best animated GIF.  I can’t resist posting this one (click pic to animate)


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Wow. There has been a flood of funnyawful stories coming out of the run-up to the Sochi Olympics.  A sampler (read the whole story):
imagesDogpocalype:  Sochi’s stray dog problem is so severe that local organizers had to contract a pest control company to “catch and dispose” of the animals, which have been spotted everywhere from hotels to Olympic venues. (Seriously, there are a lot of stray dogs in Sochi.) Said Alexei Sorokin, the director of the pest control firm: “God forbid [a dog runs in the stadium] at the actual opening ceremony. This will be a disgrace for the whole country.” Poison Pee Water:  Some journalists are being warned that the water in their hotels is too polluted to bathe in — let alone drink. “I just washed my face with Evian, like I’m a Kardashian or something,” tweeted the Chicago Tribune’s Stacy St. Clair, minutes after posting a photo of the cloudy yellow water coming out of her tap.
There was a funny bit on SNL two weeks ago that featured a character from a small village in Russia, commenting on Sochi’s selection for the Olympics.  Highlight: “What were other option? Haiti or middle of ocean!?
I wonder if the $51 billion figure being bandied around for building out the Sochi Olympics includes the bribes paid to the IOC.  Because Salzburg, Austria was obviously a less appealing choice.  #sochifail
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137523_600Maybe I’m just being overly sensitive today but I read this article in The Daily Beast that pissed me off something royal.

Senators: Kerry Admits Obama’s Syria Policy Is Failing
In a closed-door meeting, two senators say, the Secretary of State admitted to them that he no longer believes the administration’s approach to the crisis in Syria is working. Peace talks have failed, he conceded, and now it’s time to arm the moderate opposition—before local al Qaeda fighters try to attack the United States.

So John Kerry had a private meeting that included Republican Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, among the hawkiest of the hawks in the Senate.  After the “off-the-record” meeting, said Senators rushed out to tell the media that Kerry secretly told them that he agrees with them on everything and that Kerry called Obama’s approach a failure.

One wonders, is that true?  Hmm, who would we ask about that…?

Kerry’s spokesperson, Jen Psaki, said the senators are confusing their views with the Secretary of State’s. “This is a case of members projecting what they want to hear and not stating the accurate facts of what was discussed,” Psaki added.

How the fuck have we come to this point in American journalism?  … News flash to reporters everywhere: two heavily biased Senators who hate the administration and everything it does are going to lie about and distort pretty much anything they can think of… especially what they think they heard come out of the Secretary of State’s mouth.

I’ve stopped counting the number of concussions I’ve received from slamming my forehead into my desk…

Edit: Lol, also too:

UPDATE: Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse and Chris Murphy issued the following statement Monday about the Kerry meeting: “We were both surprised that contents of our off-the-record meeting with Sec Kerry were made public. The characterizations reported on today do not reflect the conversation that we heard. Neither of us recall the Secretary saying the policy of the administration in Syria was failing, nor proposing new lethal assistance for Syrian opposition groups.”

A friend just turned me on to a hilarious blog called Margaret and Helen.
My name is Helen Philpot. My grandson taught me how to do this so that I could “blog” with my best friend Margaret Schmechtman who I met almost 60 years ago…  Philpot was my grandmother’s maiden name and

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Pace Lev, I too want to chime in on the hilarious spectacle of Christianists rending their garments over their perceptions of being slighted, marginalized and oppressed. Comeuppance was a long time in coming, but thank FSM it finally came. Here’s how it all works.

  1. Christianity was spread throughout the Western world for endless centuries via a literally bloody sword. “Secular” leaders came to realize the unique potential for controlling the masses through adopting Christianity and then turning the faithful always toward a heathen enemy — whether it be something as big as Eastasia, er, blaspheming brown peoples occupying Jerusalem, or something as small as the hordes of godless satanist witches roaming local villages and kidnapping Christian babies to sacrifice to Beelzebub. Ain’t no party like a religious hatred party, cuz a religious hatred party don’t stop…
  2. In almost all of Europe, Christianity came to effectively usurp state power. Rulers of nations crafted their laws to comply with religious dictates. Heads of state weren’t legitimate unless blessed by God God’s proxies in the Church. Nearly all citizens of Europe were under the bootheel of the unholy marriage of state and ecclesiastical power.
  3. Thus, for a long time, Christian power-mongers were happy. They ruled with an iron fist. Toppled kings. Burned heretics. Waged endless holy wars, e.g., for Jerusalem. Accumulated a fortune vaster than anyone’s dreams of avarice.
  4. Stuff began unraveling a bit for the One True Church once the pesky Church of England came about. Oh, and that Martin Luther guy… Yada yada for a while…
  5. Fast forward to the present day. Secular state power has been effectively freed from the iron chains of ecclesiastical dominance. The Pope can’t topple kings. European state remittances to religious institutions have shrunk to a relative pittance.
  6. So now Christians bitch because their unholy direct control over state power has been greatly diminished. No longer can they directly compel the state to oppress people.* So now they claim to be oppressed!

The chutzpah of these people…

* – And yes, Christianists still exert tremendous influence over our elected leaders.  But it’s in an indirect capacity.

I just love how folks in the ever-so-exceptionally educated and enlightened branch of Christianity are so quick to dismiss atheist polemicists like Richard Dawkins because he thinks Christianity is what the silly ignorant Christian rubes (who believe stuff like Jesus rode dinosaurs) think it is, rather than the ever-so-exceptionally enlightened true essence of what Christianity is REALLY about:

One of the worst aspects of conservative evangelicalism is that too often, especially on its fundamentalist fringes, its literalism encourages know-nothing atheism of the Dawkins variety. If Christianity actually entailed the beliefs that the earth was created 6,000 years ago and homosexuality is evil and there really was a Noah who built a gigantic boat, I wouldn’t want anything to do with it, either. I imagine Richard Dawkins never held a third-grader in a trailer and forced him to confess that the theory of punctuated equilibria is false.  But Christianity does not entail such beliefs, I make bold enough to say.

As you’re reading this, I’m probably still laughing at that last bit.  No true Scotsman.  Indeed.