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One thing that always jumps out and bites me every time I see it is the conservative sine qua non: Taxes Are Evil!
There are lots of laws I don’t like — most notably paying taxes — but I follow them because I don’t want to go to jail.
Look, you stupid twit.

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Funny how it’s only the fringe right-wing nutjobs who turn out to be raving racist assholes when given enough rope to hang themselves.  Aggrieved cattleman Cliven Bundy thinks the blacks should really just go back to cotton pickin, which was a pretty cushy job apparently. Fox News volte face in… never.

insertpaperI know people who like New Jersey but I can’t say I’ve ever heard any of them hold the state up as a sparkling land of modesty and temperance.  But there’s always Gov. Chris Krispy:

For the people who are enamored with the idea with the income, the tax revenue from [legalized marijuana], go to Colorado and see if you want to live there. See if you want to live in a major city in Colorado where there’s head shops popping up on every corner and people flying into your airport just to come and get high. To me, it’s just not the quality of life we want to have here in the state of New Jersey and there’s no tax revenue that’s worth that.

Somehow this reminds me of a joke from Miss Congeniality:

Vic: Why is New Jersey called “The Garden State”?

Gracie: Because “Oil and Petrochemical Refinery State” wouldn’t fit on a license plate?


I admit it. I must have a really limited imagination. Because I never saw Chelsea-Clinton-impregnated-as-campaign-ploy coming. Seriously.
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Now that roughly 7.1 million people have signed up for health insurance under the new Affordable Care Act regime, I really don’t get how exactly Republicans would go about repealing it. If Republicans got the votes, would they rip health insurance out of lives of these 7.1 million people? Grandfather them in but stiff everyone else?

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The first person to complain about this somehow having something to do with the First Amendment gets punched in the neck:
This morning, a number of Mozilla employees took to Twitter with a united, nearly simultaneous message to new Mozilla Foundation CEO Brendan Eich: “Step down.”  

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Kansas_Apologizes_Rally_to_Restore_Sanity Ding dong, Fred Phelps is dead.
Some Twitter users have welcomed the death of the outspoken Pastor with strong words. One user wrote: “Burn in hell Fred Phelps. Not one to normally cheer a death but this one feels nice.”

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