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There is a nugget of something very important in this article.

Jon and Elsa Sands, who describe themselves as socially liberal affluent Americans, believe Trump is the only option even as they compare voting for him to voting for a “tameable Hitler in 1933”…

[Elsa] Sands, who teaches English to refugees and described herself as a big supporter of refugee resettlement, said that even though Trump is a “big jerk, brash, over the top and egomaniacal,” he was also a “big-mouth pragmatist who can get things done.” She also said that he was a moderate who “doesn’t go around hating people” and called him a “brilliant communicator.”

“He tends to be flamboyant and, like New Yorkers, talks in hyperbole,” Sands said. “He exaggerated it to get attention, because a moderate cannot run in the Republican Party.” Sands believes that the media has “distorted” Trump’s statements and are making him out to be someone they want him to be.

I think this speaks to part of the compelling argument for Bernie’s campaign.  There’s a lot more to be said, but rest assured that there are a lot of “moderate” rubes out there like these two braintoilets who hate Hillary and are gullible enough to countenance Trump.

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Or…?trump vs


I can’t say that I buy into a lot of the fainting couch in this article but it has some salient points about Hillary’s godawful political instincts and Bernie’s potential trump card (ahem) in a fight against Trump.  To wit:

Sanders is … an almost perfect secret weapon against Trump. He can pull off the only maneuver that is capable of neutralizing Trump: ignoring him and actually keeping the focus on the issues.

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Can we please finally make it illegal for candidates to say they’re “suspending” their campaigns?

Suspend: to stop (something) for a usually short period of time.

Ya ain’t comin back; no way, no how.  Deal with it.

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Just a quick something from the Awesome desk:

As tensions mount over civilian usage of drones in the UK, London’s Metropolitan Police is considering using eagles to snatch illicit quadcopters out of the sky.

See video:

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aaron-schock-pool-shirtlessDon’t get me wrong, I’d buy the video:

Oh hey, Aaron Schock, long time, no see your perky, adorable Republican buttocks! … [Y] ou got caught doing other VERY SHADY things with your campaign and taxpayer dollars… then you had to resign from Congress, due to all the #scandal. :(  And now you have hundreds of thousands in legal fees, due to all the #scandal. :( …

Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody would just pay all those legal fees, so that you might once again be able to prance around singing Taylor Swift songs, without a care in the world? Well TitanMen.com (NSFW!), a gay porning site featuring boys being boys, or so we’ve heard, has an offer you shouldn’t refuse:

Gay Porn Powerhouse TitanMen.com(NSFW) has announced it will pay off the outstanding legal debt, up to $1,000,000.00, for former U.S. Congressman Aaron Schock if the rock-hard bodied Republican will agree to an exclusive contract to star in a series of hardcore TitanMen gay porn films.



I’ve been coming across so many stories of stupendous idiots over the last few days (no, not just people at the Iowa caucuses).  I thought I’d share a couple with you fine people.  Enjoy your daily helping of idiot.

maxresdefaultIdiot(s) #1:  The Fine Brothers

YouTubers Benny and Rafi Fine are known for making “reaction videos”—basically, people are filmed reacting to things. Millions have flocked to their popular channel The Fine Bros to watch clips such as Elders React to Twerking, Cats React To Viral Videos and Teens React To 90s Internet.

But they recently set off an Internet revolt that has led them to lose roughly 7,500 YouTube subscribers an hour.

The offense? Fine Brothers Entertainment registered a trademark for the word “react” under “entertainment services, namely, providing an on-going series of programs and webisodes via the Internet in the field of observing and interviewing various groups of people.”

Writes attorney Ryan Morrison, known on Reddit as VideoGameAttorney: “That’s a lot of legalese for ‘making YouTube videos.’ If you make reaction videos, which a lot of YouTubers do, you are potentially in a lot of trouble.”

The backlash started after the Fine Bros announced the launch of React World, a franchising program that would grant content creators licenses to make their own renditions of the shows.  Many people saw the move as a greedy, underhanded way of trying to monopolize the market. “Had the Fine Bros kept quiet for another month, they almost certainly would have gotten this trademark, as no one seemed to notice it,” Morrison explains. “Instead, they announced their ridiculous licensing program and turned all eyes on them.”

Naturally, parodies and netrage reaction videos abound.

Idiot 2: The Kitkat Girl

kit.kat_.corn_What more can you say about this?

Saima Ahmad, a law student in England, decided to practice what she’s been learning when she bought an ate a KitKat that was missing that tasty center wafer part. As she told Yahoo! News, she has written a letter of complaint to Nestle demanding a refund and adequate compensation for the mishap.  Citing “monetary and emotional” loss, she has asked for a lifetime supply of unlimited KitKats and says she would consider taking further legal action if her demands are not met. It may sound unrealistic but she has said, “I’m trying my luck, if you don’t ask you don’t get.”