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A most-excellent quote of the day:
The low calibre of many United States legislators is a well-documented fact…  A case in point concerns the article by [U.S. Senator] Mark Kirk in Monday’s Daily Telegraph arguing against concessions to Iran… Senator Kirk deserves to be dismissed as an ignoramus whose advice on tying one’s shoes should be treated with the utmost caution.
Rudepundit and I will be dancing on a lot of (figurative) graves over the coming weeks:
The battle is over, motherfuckers. Put down your weapons and return to your homes. Kiss your loved ones. And we can all warm ourselves by the fire made from the corpses of Republicans who threw themselves at the barricade

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224b1e90979b012f2fe400163e41dd5bSo it looks like we’re already falling off the cliff and most of us haven’t noticed yet:

The global faith in US institutions has already been undermined. The mechanism by which catastrophe would arise has already been set into motion. And as a result, economic growth in both the US and the rest of the world will be lower than it should be. Unemployment will be higher. Social unrest will be more destructive. These things aren’t as bad now as they would be if we actually got to a point of payment default. …

While debt default is undoubtedly the worst of all possible worlds, then, the bonkers level of Washington dysfunction on display right now is nearly as bad. Every day that goes past is a day where trust and faith in the US government is evaporating — and once it has evaporated, it will never return. The Republicans in the House have already managed to inflict significant, lasting damage to the US and the global economy — even if they were to pass a completely clean bill tomorrow morning, which they won’t. The default has already started, and is already causing real harm. The only question is how much worse it’s going to get.

Not like anyone that reads this blog actually believes that the Republican deficit peacocks in Washington actually give a shit about the deficit, but it’s worth pointing out that, surprise!, when the economy tanks, deficits skyrocket.


Will that in mind, all that self-righteous, pearl-clutching hand-wringing about us drowning our children in debt is pretty funny.  In the most morbid sort of way.

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Wiping the tears out of my eyes after reading this totally feasible prescription from Douthat:
Republicans need to seek a kind of integration, which embraces the positive aspects of the new populism…, its relative openness to policy innovation [ed: LOL], its desire to speak on behalf of Middle America and the middle class — while tempering

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I think the use of “figuratively” here was a nice touch:
One speaker … urged the crowd of hundreds: “I call upon all of you to wage a second American nonviolent revolution, to use civil disobedience, and to demand that this president … put the Quran down … and to figuratively come out with his hands up.”

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Even well-meaning journalists need to realize how important simple word choices in a political column can be:

Since the late 1960s, America has seen the growth of what the late Donald Warren in a 1976 book The Radical Center called “middle American radicalism.” … It ebbed during George W. Bush’s war on terror, but has re-emerged with a vengeance in the wake of the Great Recession, Obama’s election and expansion of government, and continuing economic stagnation.

See that bold bit?  It’s in a paragraph that perhaps might otherwise suggest that “some loony Tea Party people believe…” that Obama has presided over an “expansion of government”.

But that’s not how it reads.  It reads as if the author is making a factual statement, as suggested by the three other factual references that surround it.

So what’s the issue with the statement “…Obama’s … expansion of government…“, you ask?  Well, as everyone should know from the hard work we do here on the debunking of zombie Republican lies, Obama has actually presided over the biggest contraction of government in modern history:


So, yeah.  Word choice matters.  And we all wonder why the Sheeple are so misinformed.

Offered without comment:

* – I rather like how “unintended consequences” translates into Latin vis a vis Ted Cruz. Ignorata indeed.