Not that I really mean that, of course, but you see stuff like this in the Times and you really wonder what such bad faith bothsides nonsense is even trying to accomplish. It says more about the author than about Democrats that he considers “reflexive distrust of law enforcement officials” = maybe they should shoot fewer unarmed black boys, which incidentally is not a universal belief among Democrats. Perhaps it’s meant to enflame progressives in order to prove to right-wingers that they’re not liberal, but this strikes me as too clever by half. This junk has just taken on a life of its own.

This really is like expecting Apocalypse Now to end with Colonel Kurtz back in his uniform. Wingnuts aren’t going to set aside Breitbart and Alex Jones and start reading the Times again, if they ever did. But the Times really seems as hopelessly lost as they do, and in the same way: unable to get over a past in which they were the unquestioned top dogs. Trumpism is a cult of personality and what, we’re going to deprogram 36% of the country? On the other hand, you can just cancel that subscription as soon as Trump and Pence are out of the picture.

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