Be interesting to see if Greitens goes down, my guess is that he probably will. You can always tell which politicians have a lot of friends and which ones don’t from the response to a scandal. Doesn’t seem like Greitens has many friends, not that they’d probably want to be associated with this grisly story, but the only reason why some politicians survive scandals and others’ don’t is all about how many friends they have. What they do, up to a point, is immaterial.

I don’t think it’s fair to necessarily conclude that Greitens alone allows any sort of deeper conclusions to be drawn about conservatives, certainly you can bothsides gross men to some extent. (One can only imagine that FOX News is running segments on Mel Reynolds right now to reassure their viewers that there are gross sex pervert Democratic men also.) But there are levels of grossness, and it probably isn’t a coincidence that truly depraved, sadistic and perverted men keep getting much closer to power in the Republican Party than is the case in the Democratic Party, particularly if you include partisan media in the equation (as I do). Greitens may have crossed the line and will have to go away, as Roy Moore did, but many people who went a little less far are still around and doing just fine. Indeed, given that the governorship will stay in Republican hands, I fully expect Republicans to cut Greitens loose as it’s a pretty horrifying story. But that wouldn’t make him any sort of aberration in the Donald Trump Republican Party.

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