This is a great piece, but maybe a little to absolute in its conclusion. Yes, racism is there all around the world, and I’m sure Erik knows better than I do about, say, how Mexicans look down on Hondurans and Guatemalans. But there are some countries that actually do make multiculturalism work. Canada, obviously. Switzerland. New Zealand (which is 1/4 Maori and Polynesian). South Africa is not thought of in those terms because pretty much everybody is black, but it’s a pretty huge country with nine official languages and a ton of different traditions and peoples. Considering the recent history of conflict in Africa this is not a small achievement! But even if you just look at the white people getting along with non-white people, there are places that pull that off satisfactorily well. Not that those places are without their tensions (Switzerland has a notoriously racist right wing), but it can work. Obviously having a major political party that is hell-bent on not making it work is a problem, but there’s also a class element too as with rich liberals whose commitment to social justice ends when it’s time to put little Brianna into a public school.

I’ll be damned if I know how to make it work. What we’re looking at is, on the one hand, a revolution in racial attitudes that may be coming because of Millennials but if it happens is probably a decade off at least. And on the other hand, a social revolution that discards the brutal competition of American culture. No idea when that happens, but I’m not really sure how you get even a remotely equal and just society until it does.

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