I fully support decriminalization of all drug use. I also favor legalization of marijuana. If you twist my arm, I’d grant that full legalization of all drugs with federally regulated marketplaces would probably be a better state of affairs than the current one. But it wouldn’t solve the problem, which is essentially that people aren’t getting hooked on opioids because it’s fun. They’re not exactly party drugs. Honestly, those sorts of problems tend to sort themselves out: who would want to take a recreational drug that would kill you? It makes no sense, and if that was really the problem, we wouldn’t need any drug enforcement mechanisms at all. It’s because they live in a society that has brainwashed them into thinking that their failure to become millionaires is their own fault, a simple lack of hard work, essentially. If you’re bearing the burden of not measuring up, then killing off your senses is a reasonable choice. As no shortage of articles on Trump voters have put it, this is one of the building blocks of Trumpism. But if you live in a small town in Missouri and you don’t have a college degree and you haven’t managed to get one of the limited prison guard or janitor jobs there, it’s pretty much drugs, whether as a user or as a dealer. It is such a universal reaction to a specific set of circumstances that it amazes me that people could see it as anything else, but Americans (mostly white though not only) want to think that crime is only committed by bad people (bad having connotations of course). You only really get organized crime like the drug trade if an awful lot of institutions fail and there’s zero opportunity.

Yes, yes, we all know this. But when I read stuff like this I’m not sure what to say. It’s literally killing us. We could fix our deeply sick society if we wished to. Anytime, really.

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  1. vjack says:

    People probably aren’t getting hooked on any drug because it is fun; they are getting hooked because repeated use changes their brain chemistry. Still, I’d guess that many people who eventually end up with drug problems start using the drug (including opioids) because they are fun. Escaping this shitty existence even for a few moments is always going to be appealing, and this was the case long before Trump.

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