Had a conversation with a friend this weekend about the Pence rule. Here’s what I have to say about it: people obviously have to set their own boundaries for things and sexual addiction is obviously a thing, so it’s certainly possible to have some rule about not being alone with somebody of the opposite sex and have that be reasonable for a person. That said, if it’s just for one gender, you had better make damn sure you’re conscious of the imbalance of access you’re providing and find some way to neutralize it. I have no idea if Pence is aware of the pitfall and does this. If he doesn’t, well, I guess it’s good that you’re not groping people but you can’t really be said to “get it” in any meaningful way.

Also, knowing the evangelical community as I do, if the rule isn’t really out of a conscious awareness of a demonstrated weakness but rather a result of various neuroses of the subculture revolving around lusting around women and “adultery in one’s heart,” then that’s less sympathetic. That’s really his problem. Since that information is not available to me I can’t say for certain what it is that leads him to adopt the rule. But I have my suspicions.

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