I’d argue that the biggest con in conservatism is the idea that victory in the culture wars is not only possible, but at hand. Always at hand. And with this easy donation to the Tea Party Progress PAC you can help us get there! To anybody with even a passing understanding of U.S. history, there isn’t a whole lot of evidence for this. The same places susceptible to religious-tinged populism a century ago are still susceptible to it. The places susceptible to empiricism and reason back then still are. To be sure, the makeup of a lot of places has changed over the years, party affiliations change, etc. But it is really remarkably consistent. Certainly you’ve had some periods where one side or another gained an advantage for a few decades, but that’s about the most you can expect. At least, going by history.

It’s not like Obama was wrong in arguing that it would be in the right’s best interest to find some sort of workable consensus. Honestly, if the right resumed an Eisenhoweresque philosophy and ideology, they’d probably dominate for decades. That’s what’s happened in Europe! But he was wrong in assuming that he could get this argument across and he had no Plan B for if it was refused. In a way, he was the exact wrong president for the times. The Obama Era through now was peak times for irrationality and derp and Obama’s reverence for reason and empiricism were at almost Sherlock Holmesian levels. Not saying that he was the wrong choice in 2008–out of the available options, he was clearly the best one–but these traits were a brilliant straitjacket, ultimately.

Not really sure how Democrats will come out of the Trump Era thinking that bipartisanship needs to happen and that there are plenty of good Republicans with good ideas just waiting to cut deals, but they will. That’s the biggest con of center-left liberalism.


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