There’s a theory moving ’round the internet that Republicans are going to make major cuts to social spending, perhaps in a lame duck session. Count me as skeptical of this. Given that Social Security cuts can’t go through reconciliation this would mean abolishing the filibuster, which if they haven’t done it by now, why would they do it then? For another, I’m sure Paul Ryan wants to do this and may well try, but this is just in the heat of the moment and ignores the last 11 months of a Congress that couldn’t pass anything on its stated central goal of the past eight years. Yes, the Tax Bill does some of that, but history tells us again and again that Republicans are much better at passing tax cuts than spending cuts. I’m sure the donors who own the GOP would like spending cuts, but the obviously much greater enthusiasm, shall we say, with which the tax cuts were pushed says it all about what they care most about. Also it’s not as though they don’t have a lot of vulnerable members up in 2020, including their dolt of a president who promised not to cut these things explicitly.

Who knows, it could happen! Certainly worth getting prepared for. But this is still a highly ineffectual Congress, and members of Congress enjoy remaining members of Congress. Sure, some will lose in 2018 but most won’t.

  1. Metavirus says:

    Out of all the outrages and failures over the past year, this is pretty much the most catastrophic.

    The working poor/middle class will have less money to spend, thus depressing consumer spending.

    Corporations will just shunt their tax breaks back to their investors rather than investing in human capital, thus again depressing consumer spending.

    The Investor Class will take their tax cuts and corporate dividends and stick them into other investments, doing nothing to aid consumer spending.

    Add on top of all this the economic impact of climate change over the next 20 years and this really will be a perfect storm.

    And, PS, of course, spineless Democrats, like the last time around, won’t do much to repeal this travesty once we retake Congress and/or the White House someday.

    I don’t feel so guilty being chicken little anymore.

  2. lumpkin says:

    You know how it’s gonna play out: T gets his “win” about which he will crow endlessly. The less than useless MSM will also characterize it as a win and a reconciliation between T and the rest of the gop -- They are finally in the groove and pursuing their agenda!! Average dumbshit, can’t be bothered to pay attention, will think “I guess gops can get stuff done and they cut my taxes”. NYT will find numerous “real people” somewhere in BFA who will be expecting their huge tax cuts on the high paying coal mining jobs that are opening up any day now. Gops will continue to dominate the government at every level. Our country will continue to circle the drain at an increasing rate.

    It’s over.

    • Metavirus says:

      I don’t know which is gonna drive me crazy first:  The shit going on today or the Hoocoodanode!!!! when something finally prompts everyone to wake up and realize what happened.

  3. lumpkin says:

    To address your main point: I don’t think the gops are going to try to legislate any changes to SS or MC in the near future. But they are still working the same strategy they’ve been pursuing for 30+ years. Drive the deficit up with tax cuts and then freak out that we need to cut spending. Every time they do this SS and MC get pushed closer to the cutting board. Remember Obama’s grand bargain?

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