Bill Clinton really cared about Israel-Palestine, and so did George Bush Sr. George W. Bush didn’t. I mean, there were buzzwords like “roadmap” and “Annapolis,” but unlike his daddy he didn’t want to ruffle any Israeli feathers. I think Obama cared somewhat but he also wasn’t willing to ruffle any Israeli feathers until he was practically out the door, which kind of made any progress there impossible. Trump seems to care in an abstract sense as some kind of big deal to be made that would redound glory to himself, though of course he doesn’t really care about peace. The amazing (and stupid) thing is that he doesn’t seem to think that giving free major concessions to one side is going to harm the negotiations in any way. I mean, if he didn’t give a shit he could just say nothing about it, but he talks about it a lot. Does he really think he can do both? The Art of the Deal, I suppose.

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  1. lumpkin says:

    T is the dumbest, most gullible, manipulatible dope I’ve ever seen in a position of responsibility. A 10 year old kid could easily out-negotiate this fool.

    Somebody told him, probably for nefarious reasons of their own, that he and only he could knock this one out quick and easy. Idiot still believes it.

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