Is it wrong that I’m just a little excited to find out which shitty sexually harassing media/politics dudes are going to fall next? Not only does it mean fewer awful guys with power harassing people, but the guys in question (aside from Al Franken) range from worthless to outright awful at their jobs. Okay, maybe Kevin Spacey is a good actor, though his best work in the ’90s is equivalent to Jack Nicholson’s best work in the ’70s, before each became a movie star with a defined persona that they just riffed off in everything they did after a point. But he’s sort of a unique case in all this. Not that the poor women who had to suffer advances from Matt Lauer or Brett Ratner or Charlie Rose were “worth it” in making them go, but it is good that they’re gone.

Anybody you’re sort of surprised hasn’t come up yet? Honestly, Alec Baldwin and Chris Cillizza are moderate surprises. Just sort of seem like the types.

  1. lumpkin says:

    Not my original idea but AF should have pledged to resign as soon as Trump and Moore do (assuming, with near certainty that M will be elected).

  2. Metavirus says:

    Not at all.  I really enjoy wondering about all of the creepy assholes in positions of power out there who are quivering in their boots.  Nice to have the power shoe on the other foot for a change.

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