I’d give it a solidly passing grade, B/B+. They did succeed in getting it viewed as the giveaway to the rich that it is, and that wasn’t assured. The bunch running the store under Dubya couldn’t manage it! That said, it really does seem pathetic when they try to deputize Reagan into their argument. Reagan would love this tax bill. The idea that Reagan, had he kept his faculties after the presidency, would have continued as a sort of critic of right-wing excess is a major “show your work” proposition, I really think the “even Ted Cruz thinks this is crazy” line of argument that Democrats employ gets them less than they think it does, just an excuse to engage in relativistic rather than absolute reasoning, but with dead Republicans I think the advantage is pretty much nil. And I’m sure that some voters care that it explodes the deficit and isn’t bipartisan, but that just seemingly feels like the party paying homage to a god fewer and fewer believe in anymore. I mean, I get why a Claire McCaskill would complain about this, but for anybody not representing a Republican state, they’re just such bloodless arguments. Maybe not nobody cares about the deficit, but close to nobody. And yes it’s bad and partisan, but not strictly bad because it’s partisan. It’s bad because it’s bad.

Then again, getting the media to write articles like this is also a major victory.

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