It’s no bother to me to lose John Conyers from the House–it’s actually if anything a chance for improvement. Conyers is obviously a historic figure and was at one point hugely important but that point has long passed, now he’s just deadwood, a bored and tired old man sticking around because he likes the perks and status. Losing Al Franken from the Senate is, on the other hand, a huge loss. He’s one of the best we’ve got. Sadly, both must go, not only because the politics of a party built on women’s issues harboring harassers is really bad, but also because this really is a setting an example situation. I don’t know if party leadership is applying pressure behind the scenes but if they refuse to leave, primary challengers need to be found. And, honestly, if they are doing that (and they may not be doing even that much), not so sure that a “handling this within the family” approach is appropriate to this situation.

Losing Franken really does suck. But it’s not losing the seat as Mark Dayton will appoint another Democrat. And Conyers’s seat is safe. It’s a delicate situation I suppose but there’s only so long these things can be drawn out before it looks less like “we were just following our principles” and more like “we’re weak and conflict-averse and maybe don’t really give a damn about this, honestly.”

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  1. rimbaud says:

    Sadly, both must go, because how can they speak forcefully and convincingly on these issues. I’m not worried about Al Franken: he is well-educated and smart. The governor can appoint another Democrat.

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