I’ll support the first 2020 Democratic hopeful who pledges to curtail the parasitic culture of party consultants. Well, unless Andrew Cuomo makes that pledge. Anybody else, though. And honestly, if he’s the only one saying it…actually no, still wouldn’t support him, but still. It’s just incredible how bad this problem is. Every time I think I have a handle on just how sick it is, I’m amazed by just how much sicker it can be. All those consultants and yet I don’t think any of them could convincingly describe how the mind of the typical voter works. Or even how their own party works. If they can there’s been no evidence of it.

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  1. Metavirus says:

    Dems won’t learn anything until there is a ritual sacrifice of Mark Penn.*

    * That article is from THIS month! Funny how his tagline (“pollster for Bill Clinton during six years of his presidency”) kinda leaves out a long string of fails in more recent memory.

  2. vjack says:

    It is hard to imagine a candidate promising to eliminate all party consultants, but I agree that this would make him/her somewhat more appealing. I still haven’t figured out what all would be on my wish list for desirable candidates. I’m still watching to see if the Democratic Party figures out what sort of party they want to be going forward.

    • lumpkin says:

      The democrats are still the party of “we’re not republicans.” For the rubes, the gops are the party of “we hate democrats.” This tactic seems to be working a lot better for gops than dems.

      • vjack says:

        I agree. I think if there is anything the dems need to learn from 2016 it would be that “we’re not republicans” is not the sort of message that brings voters out.

  3. lumpkin says:

    So, like many similar defects in the two parties the democrats are grifters too but the gops are just better at it.

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