I was going to do this long post about Clinton surrogate failson Peter Daou but life is too short. He blames all supporters of Bernie Sanders for everything bad of course. It’s sort of a con game though. While most people were uninspired by Hillary Clinton, quite a few did invest a lot of hope in her. I’ve always respected that, even if I didn’t much care for Clinton myself. But being as there will never again be a Clinton on a presidential ticket (and I firmly believe this, regardless of whether Chelsea ever does go into politics or not), modestly talented but hyperloyal-to-the-Clintons people like Daou no longer really have much reason to exist in the Democratic Party, and while it would be in the interests of the aforementioned people-who-invested-huge-hopes-in-Hillary for this class to be gone, they’ve managed to keep the 2016 grudge going by othering Bernie Sanders and finding a (for lack of a better term) mass audience by making Clinton-Sanders an ongoing us-versus-them thing, with “us” including the leech consultants that bankrupted the DNC and destroyed Clinton’s candidacy. Of course, Sanders himself is not blameless in all of this–his pretensions of going by being an independent democratic socialist instead of the more prosaic but entirely accurate label of FDR Democrat do say a lot about the man. Like a lot of white straight liberal Boomer men, he wants to see himself as much more radical than he is, though in all fairness this is usually from a baseline of neoliberal centrism at best, not from a genuinely progressive worldview such as Sanders’s. Anyway, this is a surprisingly slick con job by people who only really want to save professional circles that should most definitely be destroyed. And which, ultimately, most likely will. I somehow doubt that Cory Booker or Kirsten Gillbrand is going to be contracting with Peter Daou in 2020.

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