The worst thing about Trump delivering a totally unearned rehabilitation of the reputation of George W. Bush is that there is a Bush in public office now who could pretty plausibly find himself on a national ticket in eight years or so. This would be a terrible thing for everybody. Trump likely doesn’t have much more than another three years of malevolence in him, but the Bushes could do damages for decades yet. Admittedly, it isn’t for sure but it’s a whole lot more likely if the public has decided that George W. Bush wasn’t all that bad. That’s why Bushworld isn’t dead yet.

OTOH, Clintonworld is completely dead, even if they don’t know it. There’s nothing in the pipeline in terms of future candidates. The remaining entourage around them are the most loyal to them, but as I wrote earlier, also largely this group couldn’t get hired to do anything else but fluff the Clintons. What campaign would hire Philippe Reines, an illiberal hothead who sucks at his job as a PR guy, for any role whatsoever? Even if Chelsea decided that she wanted that golden crown, it would take some time such that she wouldn’t instantly be dismissed as a nepotism case, and frankly Bill and Hillary aren’t young. I just don’t see how it works. You’d think that would be pretty obvious, but really the only Democrat who actually seems to understand this is, unsurprisingly, Kirsten Gillibrand. (I’m not sure Donna Brazile understands much of anything these days.)


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