I’d heard Bari Weiss was problematic, but this is ridiculous. Give Harvey Weinstein the Bill O’Reilly treatment? You mean hide him away for a few months until things blow over? What? Is the lust to bothsides so strong that it has to be indulged preemptively? The parties are simply not the same, and at this point understanding of this should be a fundamental barrier to entry to opining in the mainstream media.

The press has been good on handing Trump, though the true test of whether they’ve truly learned from the errors of their recent past will be whether they resume their old ways once Trump is out of the picture. Given the signs we’re observing I’m not super hopeful.

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  1. Metavirus says:

    Talk about holding both sides to different standards.

    Chutzpah:  Conservative treatment of women vs, what, Harvey Weinstein??  Projection much?

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