So Saudi Arabia let its women drive. Good for them. But the perspective on this is bizarre. Saudi Arabia is currently the only Muslim nation that does not let women drive. Seriously. That this is treated as some great benificence bestowed upon the fair sex is laughable. They are literally the last reactionary outlier on this. The press angle on it has been positive when this really should be treated as an embarrassment that something so obviously impractical was kept alive so long just because of dogma.

I keep coming back to this but I never do understand why the Saudis are Good and Iran is Bad. I get that the answer is money but that doesn’t entirely fit: if we established relations with Iran and began trading with them, we could earn more money. Both of them have far from unblemished records on supporting extremism and terrorism. And yet the Saudis get a tonguebath from elites and the media for doing the thing that Iran did decades ago. Go figure.

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  1. lumpkin says:

    It’s the hostage thing. A lot of USAians do not ever forgive and never forget. Well, except maybe they forgot about Mossaddegh and Reza Pahlavi, oh and yeah -- Flight 655. I guess we oughta include the constant belligerence and threats to attack them too,  but really we deserve to hate them a lot more than they should be allowed to hate us. We’re exceptional and they aren’t.

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