It’s interesting that Lindsey Graham is the frontperson for the POS healthcare bill Republicans try to jam through. Honestly, it’s hard for me to think of another time old Butters actually was at the forefront of a domestic policy initiative. I do think he signed onto a climate change bill in the early Obama days that he dropped literally the day after FOX News attacked him. So I’m not sure to count that. But Lindsey Graham is the person who appears on all the Sunday shows and tells us we need to adopt a maximally aggressive policy toward X and then shrugs off any conceivable criticisms about what the outcomes of that would be. Sometimes the host of the program asks him a follow-up question he can’t answer, often they make him look like an idiot by giving him just a little bit of rope, but they always have him back. In a sane nation, his beliefs would make him a crank who is treated extremely skeptically by the press and by other members of his party. In our nation, this gives him endlessly positive media coverage and this odd “venerated statesman” image, even if his base fundamentally hates him. I don’t get it. He has some “bipartisan” aura even though he was a Clinton impeachment manager, after all. I guess he voted for Sotomayor…

Anyway, the point being is that he’s basically just using the same approach for his domestic policy that he does for his foreign policy, but it’s a lot harder to hide the stupidity in a different context. We just need to ram through a maximalist policy against X, ignore the waverers: in both cases it’s much the same. Just substitute “socialists” for “isolationists” and the rhetoric and logic is no different. Of course, in the domestic policy world, it’s plainly obvious that Graham-Cassidy is a bad bill that would have dire political consequences for Republicans if it passed and offers them no benefit other than relief from big-dollar donors, and while Graham’s entire pitch is patently ridiculous, it plays to their particular biases perfectly. “This’ll stop socialism!” Why? How? It just will, I guess. He’s just found a different value for X and it’s all the same shit. Of course, the world of domestic policy is much more scrutinized and much more cause-and-effect based than the foreign policy world, where it’s all about ideology and donor money, essentially. (Admittedly, that’s also largely true of domestic policy, but “TrumpCare led to people losing their insurance” is going to be the narrative, whereas in foreign policy “Obama pulling troops from Iraq created ISIS” is what passes for causality among the very serious people.) He’s the same idiot as always, only because there’s a different kind of idiocy that prevails on foreign policy than on domestic policy, it’s much more obvious than it otherwise would be. Really, the major takeaway is that people should realize that he’s just an overall idiot and treat him like the crank he is. That is all I ask!

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