In truth, with certain personality types (Trump very much included), the more over-the-top the threat is, the more likely it is to be bullshit. Still, this is just another example among many that he ought to be removed from office as soon as possible. Throwing fire upon a tense situation like this is beyond the pale of acceptable behavior. And yes, he hasn’t “done” anything, but given the nuclear arsenal he controls, “just cause” firing is hardly an acceptable standard.

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  1. lumpkin says:

    I think he’s gonna do it unless someone lower down the chain of nuclear disaster stops it. And I have no confidence they will. There are guys who have been sitting on these awesome instruments of destruction for years. Who thinks that they don’t wanna see just what happens if we go ahead and pop one or more of these bad boys off? I know that the people in charge of the nuclear arsenal have shown remarkable restraint, but still they went into that particular line of work because they thought nukes were somehow a desirable thing.

  2. Metavirus says:

    knowing what we do about trump: nuking something would be, to him and his loons:

    — the best “fuck you” imaginable to those weak-kneed international elites

    — i mean, c’mon, huge phallic missiles wreaking havok? draw your own conclusions

    — further to the last point, what could be a better way of perfecting his bullying maleness than to completely flatten a weak adversary?


    — satisfy his rampant insecurity by being able to talk tough about collateral damage.  because only elites give a shit about people that get in the way (pace that smarmy sociopath Lindsay Graham)

  3. lumpkin says:

    Lindsay Graham and Donald Trump should both die of radiation poisoning.

  4. Metavirus says:

    and/or direct exposure to a nuke blast wave, but not enough to kill them outright.

  5. lumpkin says:

    This sounds hysterical to everyone I talk to but I feel like I’m living in the Garden of Beasts. Back in 1932 people who expressed concerns were dismissed as Cassandras or party poopers. It’s the same now and the similarities are sufficient that people really ought to be alarmed. It’s not in any way normal for heads of state to threaten nuclear war or constantly brag about their non-existent accomplishments. And yet this shit goes on day after day and is now the new normal. And NOBODY CARES. We are fucked and a good portion of us fully deserve it. But not me or my family.

    • Metavirus says:

      but haven’t most of us just transformed into the people in WALL-E?  fuck the planet, we’ll either find a new one or rapture our way to jesus’s crib.

      nihilism has gone mainstream.

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