I am genuinely curious why people in politics put so much stock in words. Incoming FBI Director Chris Wray did indeed say all the right words that one would hope someone like him would say, but the question of whether to vote for him or not is essentially, would Donald Trump actually pick a FBI Director who would assiduously investigate him? Which means the question is, would he be incompetent enough in picking a crony and instead pick someone by accident with a sense of integrity? I honestly don’t know, but it’s not as though Democrats have been burned by trusting somebody’s words before! Too much of the time, Democrats are having to say, “But he said…” instead of just not getting it right the first time, perhaps in hopes of the great spirit of bipartisanship smiling down upon them or something. (Also, not for nothing, but if Wray is a total crony, he’d basically say the same stuff he said to the Senate.)

Anyway, I’ve been listening a lot to this album recently, and man did the mid 1990s not appreciate what they were gettting:

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