I take umbrage at this as both a rational liberal and a persnickety nerd:

The monster HBO hit Game of Thrones has long been seen as a climate change metaphor or parable, albeit one filled with nudity and violence. After all, a major theme from the start has been the fact that the climate is about to change for the worse in a way that endangers everyone.

Um, what?  Climate change in our modern world is an ongoing event caused by human industry that we’ve created for the first time in human history.  It won’t be cyclic.

In Westeros*, however, winter is a season of indeterminate length caused by some kind of opaque variable natural process (perhaps a weird wobbly planet tilt).  Winter is a season just like summer, which is ending.  After winter comes summer (do they have spring?  no idea).  After summer comes winter.

Oh, and the “danger” in Game of Thrones is an army of the undead, which prefers to appear in winter.  In our world, it’s the climate itself that’s the danger (e.g., hotter temperatures, superstorms, etc.).

Aside from the temperature getting hotter and colder, it’s quite a stretch to use that as a link between our world and Game of Thrones.

Might this post be click-bait?  Hmm…

(* I know, I don’t know the name of the planet.)


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