I was searching through some stuff written after the 2008 election to try to find one specific article about how Obama understood change as being about making the system work again, which I haven’t yet found. I’m beginning to think it may have been on a Bloggingheads or something, in which case it’s gone as far as I’m concerned. I’m not going to be scanning through decade-old clips there. But I did find this article by Mark Schmitt, which reminded me of just how insane we all were about the expectations for Obama. I come not to shit on Mark, because like the title says, I believed essentially the same stuff! But for up-and-coming youngsters who want to know what it felt like at the outset, yeah, pretty much that.

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  1. lumpkin says:

    After the low-grade, malignant incompetence of the Bush administration, I too was one of those who had very high expectations for Obama. He could speak in complete sentences! He cared about people even if they weren’t rich! He had opposed the war! If an inarticulate dunce could talk 70% of the nation into an immoral war just think what an intelligent guy with real ideas could accomplish.

    Instead his efforts repeatedly died on the hill of an obviously unattainable bipartisanship and he was played for a naive fool by McConnell/Boehner/Ryan  for most of his presidency. I think this really soured a lot of people on the Democratic party and was one of the many factors that led to the current sad state of the party.

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