Forever, of course! David Duke’s much more recent KKK affiliation/party registration, though, will continue to be irrelevant to that conversation.

It is not unique to religious conservatives, of course, to believe your tribe to be uniquely good and others to be uniquely bad, and that this means that you don’t have to actually follow any of your own rules or principles because the other side is as bad or worse. This is, in other words, “God Knows I’m Good” syndrome, though I think it’s a pretty common attitude among humans all over. Having said that, the actual texts of Christianity anticipate this problem, but a text is only as good as the person interpreting it, which is related to the influence of culture and other factors. “We’re all as bad as the worst racist, therefore we should just try to treat everybody with respect” would be a pretty authoritative Christian sentiment on the subject, though not one heeded by very many American Christians…

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