Honestly, a random winger might be a bit harder to beat than somebody with Jeff Flake-level approval ratings, which means this might not be great news for Our Team, but why is Trump mad at Jeff Flake again? I mean, Flake voted for TrumpCare. Has he even done a single thing to stop Trump on anything? Is it that he wrote a book about what a conscience he has, that it compels him to air concerns every once in a while? Is Trump really mad that a Republican pretends to be principled and conscientious? Because, honestly, that’s been their killer app for about a generation now. Worked a bunch of times.

I just don’t get it. Trump dominates Flake completely. Flake is terrified to actually do anything real to hurt Trump because he knows he’d be hurt right back. Also, Flake’s not even very moderate so he probably doesn’t even want anything done differently from normal Republican shit. But he’s smart enough to realize that Trump is a pretty awful person, and he will sometimes say so. Evidently this infuriates Trump, as he sees it as some kind of power move. But it’s really a lack of power move. It’s Jeff Flake wanting credit for being “courageous” in writing some stuff in a book. You’d think he’d shrug off Flake’s impotent bleatings but I guess he apparently just must have his soul or nothing. Seems like that’s going to be counterproductive but that’s Trump for you.


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