I don’t know if it’s just a silly toy that he puts out to watch the mice scurry around or if he is constantly on the verge of firing top people in his administration before backing down, but it is pretty remarkable that nearly six months in, we’ve constantly been hearing about how someone (Bannon, Priebus, Spicey, etc.) is on the outs with Trump and about to depart, and yet none of them have. Really, the only one who did get the boot was Flynn, and reportedly Trump regrets that. Honestly, my guess is that it’s just histrionics from the obviously histrionic Trump. Trump is the exact sort of person who likes people to obsess about his moods and moves, what he might do, and he always needs to be the center of attention.

The question is: do those people actually have the safest jobs in the country? I say yes. I doubt both that Trump could bring himself to pull the trigger if he hasn’t yet, or that he could find better than those people. (He would be better off without Bannon altogether, but his pseudointellectualism makes him the proverbial one-eyed man so far as Trump is concerned.)

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