When Turtles Cry

  • Thanks to Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski for standing tall against Trumpcare all along, and to McCain for actually mavericking one last time (and predictably stealing the glory). I’m frankly amazed he did it. I could complain about him still and perhaps will in the future but damn.
  • My take on Dean Heller turned out to be 100% correct. Thankfully he was irrelevant. Actually, he played it even stupider than I anticipated, putting himself in a position of voting for a horrible bill AND getting hit for breaking his promise in order to help Trump. Wow. Don’t make it too easy on us to beat you, Dean! But most importantly, he’s kept open the wingnut welfare spigot. Truly, Heller is the Shame of the East Bay.
  • The real point of all this is just how weirdly the Madisonian system handles partisanship. It regularly creates unified government about every eight years or so, then makes it very hard for a bill to pass by majority consent, then wrecks that majority reliably shortly afterward. It’s almost as though it was an improvised product of tradeoffs that tends toward unworkable stasis, instead of the majestic system of checks and balances that it bills itself as! It’s really good that this cynical and deceptive a bill was defeated, but passing progressive social legislation the next time Democrats have 51 or 52 seats in the Senate is going to be not much easier. But that’s another post.
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  1. lumpkin says:

    I take back my hateful comments on McCain that I made previously. Perhaps, faced with the enormity of the physical and emotional pain heading his way, he developed a sudden realization of the horrors of serious illness and maybe even was able to relate to the additional horror of bankruptcy and lack of treatment that he could have helped to visit down upon all beneficiaries of the insurance freedom that was headed their way.

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