My earlier post was a bit of a final fuck you to a man who I’ve long pegged as a self-righteous narcissist, James Comey. Obviously the news that Trump was looking for reasons for the past week to fire Comey puts it in a different light. I think some of the shrieking overestimates the level to which Comey could be trusted to bring through the investigation into Trump and Russia and I’m not inclined to give him the benefit of any doubt–recall his behavior over Hillary was all about being able to preserve his good Republican card–but ultimately the firing was really not about Comey himself. This must be acknowledged. Whether it was Trumpian panic generally or over something specific we will find out soon enough.

It would be interesting if some Repubs came loose from this but my guess is not many, and if anything Trumpians would love it if the RINOs and Democrats were aligned together against them. I see no reason to presume they have any propensity for putting the country over party and ideology when none has been in evidence so far. I’d like to be proven wrong, but I still believe it’s nuts to hope that Republicans will save us.

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