I assume that the only reason that Sean Spicer is still employed is because nobody better wants the job. You could argue that his abysmal performance yesterday was the ultimate expression of his incompetence – how can he be a spokesman if he has to issue four clarifications on what he actually said? But if Trump could do better you have to figure that he would, given his obsession with cable news, which features more than a few clips of the WH press briefings. Who would even replace him? Mike Huckabee’s daughter? Bill O’Reilly? (That would be epic, and his “vacation” makes one wonder if he’ll come back from it to Fox, but I don’t think he could swallow his ego enough to be anyone’s spokesman.) I actually think Newt Gingrich would be sort of the rich man’s Sean Spicer in terms of being belligerent to the press, but the ego thing applies there too. If Spicer got fired I’d give it 50-50 odds between someone even more clownish taking the job and Trump just not bothering to fill it like most of the executive branch.

It is pretty hilarious that being the White House Easter Bunny was actually the peak of the man’s dignity.

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  1. vjack says:

    My vote for a replacement would be Alex Jones, but O’Reilly could certainly work too.

  2. lumpkin says:

    Kellyanne Conway is truly one of the few people I can think of who would be completely qualified for the job.

    Spicer has this constant look about him, like the family dog that just dropped a deuce in the other room and is just waiting for the punishment to begin. It’s obvious he’s lying and everyone knows, including Spicer.

    Conway, on the other hand lies with complete, joyful abandon, never looks back, never evinces an iota of shame or even self awareness. And she’s nearly impossible to chase into a corner. This is the only type of person who could represent someone who has utterly no concept of truth. It’s hard for most people to lie on their own behalf, but for someone else -- I think that takes a rare set of attributes.

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