I’ll admit that Trump flip-flopping to bomb Syria was a little surprising to me, but I should have figured earlier that it made sense in a bizarre way, that there’s a hidden consistency to it. Trump opposed bombing Syria over chemical weapons when Obama wanted to do it. But now that he’s the president (asterisk), bombing Syria is the thing Obama very notably didn’t do, so he’ll do it. It’s all consistent with someone whose main political principle is being as anti-Obama as he can be at the moment, whether that’s undoing even nonideological, common-sense regulations, hiring generals Obama fired, etc.

As I’ve said before, if Trump wants to pull a Costanza and do the exact opposite he’s welcome to do it. The logic of doing the exact opposite of a generally respected, popular, successful president eludes me, but if he wants to be the opposite of those things, then he’s got a flying start.

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  1. Metavirus says:

    I’ve been wondering about how Trump may ultimately make Obama even more “generally respected”.  Not the 33% deplorables, but for some of the squishy addled middle.  After 4 years of never-ending Trumpist drama and fuckups, even right-leaning cranky Olds that aren’t rabid racists have to at least be a bit softened on Obama.

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