I’ve become increasingly convinced that a government shutdown later this month will be impossible for Trump (and most likely the GOP majority) to come back from. While some Trump voters wanted the proverbial grenade thrown in the works and would perhaps be happy about this coming to pass, a good amount of people (idiotically) believed that Trump would actually be a good administrator and could run things better than Clinton. You know, run it like a business. Which he is. Like one of his businesses. A government shutdown with unified Republican control would I think break something important psychologically in people like Katrina/Iraq did for Dubya. After a point, people just lost all faith in the man and even though he governed much better in his second term than in his first, he was just done. People stopped listening. Again, a lot of Trump hardliners would probably be quite excited by this. But voters in districts like Jon Ossoff’s won’t be. This could be the key to everything. I’m not really sure how a party can handle an intramural dispute so serious that it shuts down the government, then just go back to its usual business. It’s unprecedented.

Needless to say, Democrats shouldn’t do anything to stop the GOP from harming itself unless they are given a deal that’s too good to be believed. This will be a real test. My concern is that Democrats are too squeamish about even the modest damage of a shutdown to just stand by and let it happen. But unless Democrats want to be chumps for the rest of their lives and only get elected to clean up Republicans’ messes, they have to let stuff like this play out and let people connect the dots of the consequences of Republican ideology. Will they?


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