If everyone took 5% of the outrage they’re expressing over this isolated United Airlines passenger incident and redirected it at actual meaningful social issues, there’d be a lot less actual meaningful social issues to worry about.  The story has been anchored at the top of memeorandum since the moment it broke yesterday.  Really!?  Ladies and gentlemen, our Perpetual Episodic Irrelevant Outrage Machine in all its glory!

P.S.  Just a few points:

  1. The guy on the plane was being a whiny dick about being asked to disembark.  He should have complied and then bitched out United for the inconvenience afterward.  If you’re inclined to disagree with me, just picture yourself as another passenger on the plane.  You’d have wanted to stab this guy in the neck for holding up the flight even further.  (On this point, the blame falls on the guy.  He should have disembarked.  But, see further below.)
  2. Yes, United is crummy when it comes to overbooking.  (This is a valid ding against United.  BUT, it’s a separate issue from the physical injury the guy suffered.)
  3. Yes, airport security (not the United gestapo) overreacted and injured the guy in the process.  (This is a ding against the airport security officers involved.  NOT UNITED.)  However, see Point 1 above.  It wouldn’t have happened if the guy wasn’t being a whiny dick.

How far has our collective ability to process logic regressed?  Sigh.


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