I don’t really care what Trump voters think.

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  1. Metavirus says:

    Thank you!  If I have to listen to another Democratic politico try to fake a down home, real folks affect, in order to supposedly be able to get in good with Trump voters, I’ll hit something.

    1.  Hillary is a very shitty politician.

    2. She and her team made some bad choices.

    3. Trump is a singularly shameless huckster and a bunch of ignorant rubes got hustled.

    4.  Trump win, Trump smash.

    This sequence of events doesn’t necessitate that we try to figure out how to meet the needs of people who are uncomfortable with their daughter bringing a black boyfriend to dinner.  They will always hate us.  The only mitigation we can do is to put forward a candidate that’s generally inoffensive, except for policy positions.

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