I will admit that it is a surprise to me to see the usual right-wing agitators under Obama going against Ryan and Trump on healthcare. I figured they’d unite without a problem but, of course, nobody would donate anything to Heritage Action if they just stepped in line. Unlike, say, the Kochtopus, the ideological component to Heritage Action is secondary to CUCKSERVATIVES!!!!! Don’t know if it’ll be enough to kill the bill, but if this dynamic continues the Carter-Trump analogy may not be so far off.

Oh, and needless to say, Paul Ryan is a fraud whose only talent is a sophisticated understanding of how to manipulate the MSM’s pathologies to his own benefit. He is, in that respect, extremely similar to Newt Gingrich. It’s astonishing to me that Ryan might actually be the weak link in the Trump/Ryan/McConnell threesome, but it may be true.

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  1. lumpkin says:

    It appeared that PR had a cunning plan to keep the shit sandwich under wraps until the last minute, ram it through committee then pass it on the floor before anyone knew what hit ’em. Now he’s running around doing his best imitation of Kellyanne.  If the village press still buys his serious policy wonk/party leader shtick after this debacle, we can safely assume they will never hold reps to account.

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