I probably spend more time reading and thinking about Mexican politics than most white Americans, which is to say, I spend a nonzero quantity of time on it. (Incidentally, I’m excited to visit the country in September for the first time in over a decade. Last time I went you didn’t even need a passport to get in.) The irony of Trump’s election being so premised on antipathy to Mexico is that America under Trump already resembles Mexico way more than has been the case in quite a long time: pseudopopulism that doesn’t deliver, bitter class warfare coupled with huge income inequality, and malignant but inept political leadership are all standard features of Mexican politics and culture. So to this end, I’ll recommend the tragicomic Mexican film The Perfect Dictatorship in hopes that it will inspire us all to think on this subject. It begins with a state governor being caught on tape accepting a bribe, then enlisting the country’s top media consultants to reframe his image, and it goes from there. It’s thinly veiled fiction in the manner of Z, which is also one to watch if you haven’t yet. Anyway, happy weekend.

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  1. lumpkin says:

    Guys speaking English, with a Spanish accent and Spanish subtitles. I dunno -- something seems a bit off there.

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