I’m already getting really damn tired of writing about Donald Trump because it’s basically the same story all the time. There’s just nothing new there! In spite of what dimmer pundits may say, Trump has not become different at all in the past month and a half, he’s the same spoiled rich boy who was insulated his entire life from every consequence of his actions by wealth, celebrity, male privilege, etc. Whether the matter at hand is stiffing a contractor for services rendered or an errant pussy grab, he never had even the most basic of accountability mechanisms to deal with, not even public shareholders. He’s never had to develop an ethic of accountability and he never will. You might think someone could explain to him that as president his words carry a weight that they never did as a private citizen and that they may have consequences, but it’s plainly obvious he doesn’t have that someone around him, and it probably wouldn’t matter if he did. Fundamentally, leadership is not possible without accountability even if Trump were actually inclined to lead, and that’s not at all clear. Not really sure just how many different versions of this basic post I can write over the next four (?) years, but we’ll certainly find out.

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  1. Metavirus says:

    Seriously.  Vaguely like the emperor with no clothes.  If people end telling him he has no clothes, and he then continues strut around naked and wag his junk in people’s faces, how many times can you write about the outrage of it all?

    Trump is the ultimate troll. The national media is obligated to collectively expend billions of words ruminating on every tweet and brainfart. Trump has made its nigh impossible to “not feed the trolls”.

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