Indeed, it’s hard not to imagine that Trump believes that the portions of the presidency that are for show, the meetings with CEOs and the Oval Office photos with foreign leaders and the press conferences, are the essential core of the job. Not, for example, carefully reading briefing papers in order to figure out what tough questions to ask those who are briefing him, or dealing with the details of policy choices.

Of course he thinks that. That’s what they show of the presidency on television.

The guy really thought that the presidency would be cheers and flowers and thank yous, when in reality it’s jeers and tomatoes and fuck yous. Plus twenty-hour days, daily mockery and being hated by half the country (or more) for much of it no matter what. The ultimate example of the man’s ignorance, poor judgment, and lack of self-knowledge is that he actually ran for this job in the first place. As I’ve said before, it’ll eat him alive.

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