Bill Maher is not an asset to liberalism, leftism or any other sort of progressive point of view. I won’t deny having enjoyed watching him tear apart the occasional far-right apparatchik over the years purely as entertainment, but essentially his act is a version of Sorkinism that gives liberals warm, tingly feelings but accomplishes nothing. Ultimately, getting yelled at by a loud, angry liberal may cause momentary discomfort for an Ann Coulter or a Dinesh D’Souza, but in the long run it merely burnishes their credibility with conservatives. And his various expressions of sexism and religious bigotry do more to set back our vision of society than to move it forward. The notion that young Milo will be destroyed by this–as opposed to keeping his 15 minutes going with the added attention from appearing on a conflict-oriented show–is to misunderstand the situation entirely.

In conclusion, Andy Kindler is always right:


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