Now is the time for liberals to indulge in a little vulgar patriotism. Democratic elites really should start upping the patriotic rhetoric as a cudgel against Trump. You don’t want to go full force into it now, just subtly let a little creep in. But after Republicans refuse to open a real investigation into Trump’s Russia ties, this could be one of those instances where liberals can have their cake and eat it too with this stuff. Having a Republican president compromised by a foreign power–indeed, by a historically antagonistic power–is a pretty novel situation and I don’t think Republicans would be able to handle such attacks well. At a minimum, it’ll piss them off and distract them from the horrible work they’d otherwise do. It wouldn’t even be questioning Trump’s patriotism because it’s already in question. Just emphasizing that fact could be very politically beneficial.

Incidentally, I do think that liberals tend to be more genuinely patriotic than conservatives generally. At this point, the prevailing conservative patriotism seems to be so mixed up in disdain for the nation that it is it’s hard to see it as love of any kind (in other words, #MAGA). Obviously, there are exceptions. But there’s nothing wrong with saying it.

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  1. lumpkin says:

    >>>more genuinely patriotic than conservatives generally.<<<

    My rule of thumb is that pretty much anyone who flies a US flag on the back of their pickup truck or motorcycle or engages in similar behavior actually hates this country.

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