Also, I actually disagree with Loomis here. I don’t think Republicans will get rid of Trump when he becomes an electoral millstone to them, for the same reason they didn’t do it to Dubya after he did: they’re the daddy party and getting rid of daddy will make the children confused and angry. No matter what Trump does, 70-75% of Republicans will approve of him, as they did of Bush. If Democrats were somehow stuck with a genuinely unstable president I don’t think the base would put up too much of a fuss to get rid of him (or her – this is a hypothetical) if the next in line were of the same party. But this is the GOP couldn’t get its act together to oppose Trump in the primaries, wasted peoples’ time exploring options to dump Trump despite clearly not having the will to do it, and then winced throughout the general election but did nothing. The contrast with 52 years earlier, when party elites took one for the team when the nutcases nominated an extremist (though, admittedly, a rather more stable one) speaks volumes about their party’s desecration. But regardless, can you imagine Mitch McConnell going on FOX News to try to sell the dickwads with truck nuts on why Donald Trump has to be impeached? I can’t. They do not want to tell the Trump-loving base something it does not want to hear, ever. So impeachment is out, the 25th Amendment is out, and I don’t think Trump would resign under any circumstances (though I’m not 100% sure he won’t just say no to re-election if the numbers are terrible). Obviously, there are less…official means of removal, but frankly I don’t see anyone in their upper ranks with the guts to become the new Lavrenty Beria. Paul Ryan and his P90X moves? Please.

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