Gotta love this:

And so Trump’s staff essentially outsources the job of circulating pro-Trump alternative facts to the right-wing media in order to dissuade the president from doing it himself and thereby tarnishing his brand. The president is therefore not only the subject but also the object of his own staff’s propaganda campaign.

My only question is: do these staffers really think this is going to help in the long run? It seems like the ultimate sacrifice of the long-term for the short-term. Conditioning Trump to sublimate apocalyptic responses to criticism, legitimate or otherwise*, by seeking out positive hackery seems almost certain to eliminate even the smallest hopes that he’ll be anything but a disaster. Admittedly, I don’t have any better ideas.

* And yes, there is some illegitimate criticism. Mainly anyone complaining about his playing golf. Golf’s a shitty, boring game that’s mainly enjoyed by men who hate their (often very plush) lives and want to escape them for as long as possible, but Jesus Christ, doesn’t that explain why the last four presidents have been addicts?

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  1. lumpkin says:

    It’s frightening how gullible and easily manipulated Trump is. Especially considering the people he’s surrounded himself with.

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