Sometimes I wonder if the woman’s entire career is based on trolling liberals. If so, this is a pretty epic one. Of course, in the end she’ll probably vote to filibuster and then vote no on the nomination. But she’s gone rogue on judges before. I doubt she’d do that as it this time as it might finally bring about a primary challenge (though that’s sort of a lemons into lemonade thing from my perspective).

But you have to give it to DiFi: she’s managed to represent some very liberal jurisdictions despite a record and rhetoric that on a bad day would put her to the right of Evan Bayh. That’s some talent for spin right there.

  1. lumpkin says:

    Time to primary the remaining centrist, above it all, I like getting stroked by the press for going against my party, self interested dems and replace them with candidates that care about something besides themselves. I hope the fire is still burning hot enough that someone primarys DF from the left in 2018.

    • Lev says:

      Feinstein has always been on the right wing of the Democratic Party, and since 1998 or so it’s become increasingly painfully obvious. But she’s not stupid and has never made a big enough mistake to end her career altogether. Voting for Gorsuch would do just that, so for that reason I don’t think that she’d do it. But she’ll say some pleasant nothings to grease the way before inevitably opposing him.

  2. lumpkin says:

    And it’s not like there’s any concerns about losing the seat to a gop unless the dems do something suicidal, like running two dems against one gop.

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