The capital of the resistance:

As President Trump threatens to strip federal funding from so-called “sanctuary cities,” defiant Democrats in Sacramento are doubling down on policies to protect immigrants at risk of deportation — bills that many say would turn California into a sanctuary state.

One would prohibit police officers from collecting information on a person’s immigration status or from responding to certain requests from federal agents. Others would use taxpayer-funded legal aid to help people in deportation proceedings and train defense attorneys on immigration law.

The fast-tracked proposals — set for hearings Tuesday — have become a key tactic in California’s resistance against the Trump administration’s policies on immigration. They have drawn plaudits from immigration advocates and criticism from opponents who say they tie the hands of local police and risk further alienating Washington.

There’s no way that President Bannon doesn’t respond harshly to this. In fact, California was almost certainly going to be the first target of these clowns no matter what. But I think the state is ready, from the public to its political leaders. And we’re not going to back down.

What is it that makes California different from the rest of the country? And why do conservatives hate it so much? I wouldn’t say it’s the most liberal state–Oregon in many ways has us beat (not the least of which is taxation). It’s not the most Democratic state. It is literally a big target, sure, but I think the hatred for California is based mainly on fear: the fear of a public that ignores appeals to white backlash. Which we do have. I should be clear: California is not free of racism, not at all. But the politics of the state are not racialized the way they are even in some blue areas. This is a major distinction. Think of how Giuliani/Bloomberg ran New York City for so long with the white grievance club firmly in their bags. And let’s not even get into the rust belt stuff of 2016. But California actually had a backlash to the backlash: Clinton actually improved on Obama’s numbers among whites in California, may even have won a majority of us for the first time in decades. It’s not just because of minorities that white backlash doesn’t sell here. It’s because of whites too. (Also too, minorities made up significantly more of the electorate than they did last time, going by the exit polls.)

What would the Republican Party be without white resentment? The answer in California is: pretty much nothing, an occasionally irritating pest that can usually be safely ignored. The state GOP is largely unelectable outside of pockets of inland, rural areas. Statewide it hasn’t won an election since 2006. Think about that. That was before Iron Man came out in theaters. Their only strategic goal is to keep Democrats from gaining a supermajority, which becomes harder for them every year. And every time they find a leader with any talent or potential, they invariably wind up branding that person a RINO and proceed to rip them to pieces. This time the lucky devil is going to be Kevin Falconer, the mayor of San Diego, who is being heavily recruited to run for governor in 2018. He’s actually not a bad guy and he’s by far the best candidate they could find: most people don’t know that San Diego is actually California’s second largest city, with San Francisco coming in fourth due to its self-imposed limitations to growth, and Falconer is pretty popular there. He has a base, seems reasonable, and could vow to be a check on Democrats’ extremism, often a winning message. If it weren’t going to be an out-party midterm for his party, he’d probably have a very strong chance to win. But if Falconer were to win, the party would turn on him even faster than they did on Schwarzenegger. Basically, being a Republican who could win in a major urban center is tantamount to being a Democrat to these folks. For one thing, Falconer actually supports doing something about climate change, which prevents him from being completely unelectable in the state, but opens up the possibility that the rank and file will vote for a white supremacist instead (such as). Because, of course, white backlash works great in the conservative exurbs and rural areas. But there aren’t anywhere near enough of those folks to win. That’s the reason why Republicans hate California so much. But it’s also why they’re not going to get anywhere with us, because that’s the only weapon they have. If Bannon thinks he’s going to win playing that card–and what else can he do?–we’ll be happy to prove him wrong.

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  1. Metavirus says:

    Can’t remember a time I’ve been prouder of my adopted home state.

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