I seriously don’t know why we Americans put ourselves through all this.

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  1. Metavirus says:

    It’s usually a lazy response but it’s probably accurate in many ways:  Answer, the media.  Now that each political contest is a horse-race, razor-thin margin, monumental battle royale between titantic forces of earth-shattering proportions, it’s just all entertainment anymore.  People love conflict.

    Season 1: Republican government.  (…viewers grow weary of the plotline…)  Season 2?: Democratic government! — see what wackiness will ensue!…  Until Season 3!  Why should you really care which group each season is about.   Kardashians gonna Kardashian.  Politicians gonna politic.  They’re all bums so it’s fun to watch the train wreck.

    (Sunday!, Sunday!, Sunday!!  Come down to the Meadowlands to see Dominator Monster Trump Truck battle the Crooked Hillary Electric Fiat!)

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