It should surprise nobody that Carly Fiorina has bounced/is bouncing back:

“Carly Fiorina’s quiet outreach to state party chairs in recent days has top Republicans speculating that she’s laying the groundwork for a Republican National Committee chairmanship bid,” Politico reports.

“Fiorina’s advisers have reached out to more than a dozen state parties telling them that the former GOP presidential hopeful is prepared to help in “any way,” offering up her personal phone number, and informing them that she would like to connect with their respective state party chairperson.”

I predict great success!

It’s worth noting that Fiorina is the political equivalent of a trust fund kid deciding to try an acting or music career without having the slightest talent or the drive to make a success of it. The major difference is that great wealth in politics (and particularly in Republican politics) is a credential all its own. So the owner of the New York Knicks or Macaulay Calkin can have shitty novelty bands that nobody really cares about, and exist mainly to be snarked at by pop culture publications. (Seriously, someone thought putting pizza puns in Lou Reed songs was a good idea for some reason.) Just being a rich person alone is not enough to push you to success in that field. But in Republican politics, being rich is enough to forgive a whole multitude of deficiencies: a terrible business record, a short and mostly disastrous political record, and a personality so charmless, nasty and unappealing that even Republican primary voters couldn’t be persuaded to go for it. It apparently qualified her to be next-in-line for the presidency as well.

And not for nothing, while he is undoubtedly a full-on misogynist, Trump’s criticism of Fiorina’s business record was pretty much spot on. I’m not sure which is more surreal about that: a) that Trump actually has a legitimately better record in business than her, or b) that he was actually moved to tell the truth about it, which is rare indeed. But a bona fide bullshitter like Trump knows that there are times where the truth is the most situationally useful thing. In any event, the thought of her running the apparatus of a just-defeated political party is very exciting!

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