Is anyone else just done with Catholic Democrat politicians and their delicate, angsty dance between the Church’s moral authority and their political prospects deeply-held moral beliefs on abortion? Look, it was a bit of a novelty back when Mario Cuomo was cutting that particular rug, but we’ve been through this a few too many times for me to really care anymore (not to mention the citation-fucking-needed that the Catholic Church still has any moral authority left to be reckoned with). Lemieux is right on the money with respect to Tim Kaine and his dumb mistake on abortion. Good thing Hillary picked the safe, boring, competent guy, right?

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  1. vjack says:

    Although I far prefer a politician who is willing to change his or her mind to one who will not, abortion seems like a fairly unlikely area to see a genuine change. It is almost as if he was told he would need to fake it in order to be VP.

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